Jan 2014
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Apologizing for a fat joke he made against Alyssa Milano, comedian Jay Mohr admitted to shaming the “Mistresses” actress during a recent radio interview. Mohr tweeted on Thursday (January 2), writing, “She’s stunning. I mistakenly thought the absurdity of what I was saying would have been taken as a joke. #fail.” Earlier this week, the 43-year-old Tweeted of Milano, “She was one of the presenters. She’s very tiny, in height…It

Jan 2014
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Who’s the boss now? Alyssa Milano isn’t letting Jay Mohr’s recent jab about her weight get to her — but she’s not letting him off the hook, either. The 41-year-old actress sent the comedian a direct tweet on Christmas Day after she got wind that he reportedly slammed her for her post-baby body weight. Mohr reportedly scrutinized the Mistresses star during a recent radio interview after the two both attended

Dec 2013
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You probably noticed that the Alyssa Milano Online twitter account got hacked recently. Please unfollow this account and keep visiting the site for a new twitter account, which will be announced soon! We are so sorry for the inconvenience! Keep checking back to the site for an alert for a new Twitter account! ~ Aniek

Dec 2013
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I added pics of Alyssa attending the Chaz Dean Holiday Party Benefiting The Love is Louder Movement and being a guest on the Queen Latifah Show. Check out pics below.   Gallery Links: –  TV Appearances and Interviews > December 11, 2013 – Queen Latifah Show – Appearances 2013 > December 15: Chaz Dean Holiday Party Benefiting The Love is Louder Movement

Dec 2013
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Alyssa attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Awards 2013 – Ceremony on December 6th 2013 in Wynn Las Vegas. Check out one pic below! Gallery Links: – Appearances 2013 > December 06: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Awards 2013 – Ceremony