May 2012
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Hello fellow Alyssa fans! Continuing the bucketloads of “Mistresses” updates lately, I have now updated our galleries with HD screencaptures from the first official trailer. Lys looks absolutely fantastic in the video, and the screencaps are definitly worth a look or two! Major kudos to my good friend Ann for the HD trailer clip.

Four new stills from the TV series have also been added to our galleries – I hope to have HQ versions of these up for you soon, so keep checking back! Enjoy the new updates, and check back a little later today for a blast to the past with a huge “Charmed” update…

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May 2012
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Hello netters! A trailer for Alyssa’s upcoming 2013 TV series “Mistresses” have now been released on their official facebook. It looks great – and Alyssa looks fantastic! Screencaptures will be added to our galleries as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thoughts – we would love to hear your opinions on the trailer!

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~Watch the trailer here ~

May 2012
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Hi Lyssa fans! Following the amazing news about Mistresses, Alyssa has been out promoting the show at the ABC Upfronts, some stunning photos from the Entertainment Weekly & ABC TV Up Front VIP Party have been added to the gallery, doesn’t she look gorgeous? Hopefully we will get more soon! 😀

May 2012
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Hello netters! Continuing on from our last post about Mistresses being picked up for 13 episodes, we’ve now got the very first still and promotional picture for you – 2/3 being in crispy-clear HQ! Alyssa looks fantastic – I can’t wait to have her back on our screens! Unfortunately though, it seems like we’ll have to wait untill May 2013, according to Michael Ausiello:

@MichaelAusiell: ABC Scoop: MISTRESSES will likely air next May in the post- BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE slot

A brand new twitter profile + official site have also surfaced online – and hopefully these will regulary be updated with new photos, news and more! You can check out the twitter here, and the official site here. The new photos have been added to our galleries, and previews can be viewed below.

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May 2012
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Exiting news fellow Alyssa fans! This weekend, the TV channels announced which series would be canceled, renewed and picked up. According to our dear Lys, Mistresses has been picked up by ABC for 13 episodes! The series was originally going to air Summer ’13, but will apparently start airing this fall insteed. Which means we will have our girl back on the TV screens by the end of this year! Who else is exited!?

@Alyssa_Milano: My pilot #Mistresses was picked up by ABC for 13 episodes!!!! I’m so excited for you to see it. I am very proud of it.