Alyssa Milano Online is now on tumblr!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! I’m just dropping by to let you all know that you can now find us on tumblr! On our tumblr profile, we will share our favorite Alyssa photos, quotes, animations, manipulations and so much more. Follow us for all the latest and greatest on our Lys!

Exclusive: Instyle Photoshoot Outtakes, part 6/6!

Today, we’re wrapping up our exclusive photoshoot week with the biggest set of them all! Our sixth and final set contains 228 jaw-droppingly beautiful photos, all in stunning crispy-clear quality. This is yet another favorite of mine – Alyssa’s hair looks really fantastic in these!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all our rare photoshoot treats this week! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thoughts, we don’t bite. 😉 Which set was your favorite? Have a favorite photo? Simply post your comment below! And stay tuned for more updates later tonight…

Exclusive: Instyle Photoshoot Outtakes, part 5/6!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! The fifth set of our exclusive photoshoot has now been added to our galleries for your viewing pleasure. This is definitly one of my favorites – Alyssa looks her breathtaking self, and the styling is fantastic. Enjoy the pretty new additions!

More “Charmed” season 3 & 4 screencaptures

Hello netters! Like I promised earlier today, I have more Charmed screencaptures for y’all. Up today is captures from episode 3×18-3×20 and 4×04. There’s almost 2 000 caps in total, and there are some hilarious shots in there! I particular like the 3×18 caps, in which Phoebe and the others got hit with each their sin. Pheebs was hit with “lust” – and Alyssa did an amazing job portraying it! Enjoy the screencaps, and come back tommorow for the last two sets of our exclusive photoshoot…

Exclusive: Instyle Photoshoot Outtakes, part 4/6!

Another set has been uploaded to our galleries – this one containing almost 200 photos! This might be my favorite of them all, Alyssa looks absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy the pretty photos, and come back later for some “Charmed” updates + another set from our exclusive shoot…