Exclusive: Instyle Photoshoot Outtakes, part 4/6!

Another set has been uploaded to our galleries – this one containing almost 200 photos! This might be my favorite of them all, Alyssa looks absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy the pretty photos, and come back later for some “Charmed” updates + another set from our exclusive shoot…

Exclusive: Instyle Photoshoot Outtakes, part 3/6!

Hello netters! The third set of our exclusive photoshoot has now been added to our galleries. This is definitly one of my favorites – it contains so many cute shots, and you can tell that Alyssa had a fun time doing it! Don’t really think any further explanations are needed…

Note: I’ve received a couple of emails from people asking if they would be allowed to use the photos in graphics. The answear is of course!. When we stated that we do not want this photoshoot republished anywhere else, we ment the full outtakes. You are of course allowed to use them to make Alyssa graphics! If you do make something with them, we would absolutely love to see what you create – drop us an email at admin@alyssa-milano.net!

Exclusive: Instyle Photoshoot Outtakes, part 2/6!

I bet you’re all still reeling from yesterdays huge post! And I have more treats for you today 😉 Set 002 of our new exclusive photoshoot is not as big as the first one – in fact, it only contains 34 photos -, but these are super rare! Enjoy this stunning new set, and stay tuned for another one later tonight…

Exclusive: Instyle Photoshoot Outtakes, part 1/6!

Hello netters – ready for an awesome update?! We just got our hands on the entire full photoshoot Alyssa did for Instyle Magazine back in 2007. The total of photos are on well over 700 – and we’ll be sharing them all with you over the next few days! We’ve sorted them into six sets, all which contains a huge amount of photos. The first batch are already up in our galleries, consisting of way over 100 jaw-droppingly gorgeous pictures.

Enjoy the pretty-ness, and come back tommorow for more photoshoot goodness – as well as Charmed screencaptures, and some content updates!

Please note: This are exclusive to Alyssa Milano Online, and are not to be republished anywhere else. If you want to share them with fellow fans (and you sure should – they’re a-m-a-z-i-n-g!), then just send them over here! 😀

“Mistresses” On set photos from April 4!

Hello netters! Thanks to my wonderful friend Lindsey, we have a bunch of super cute on-set photos of Alyssa at the “Mistresses” set on April 4. Alyssa was photographed walking around the set, looking beautiful as always! The photos can be found in our galleries here. Enjoy!