Jul 2013
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Hello fellow Alyssa fans! Next monday (July 8), Lys is set to appear on the morning show “The View”. She’s there to promote the 6th episode of Mistresses (which you can view a promo for by scrolling down!), and we will be on the lookout for photos and videos after her appearance. SitcomsOnline.com ?@SitcomsOnline Catch @Alyssa_Milano on @theviewtv on Monday morning at 11a ET/10a PT as she promotes episode 6

Jun 2013
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Hello netters! As we’ve reported earlier, Alyssa is going to appear on “The Chew” tonight to promote Mistresses! Kudos to my friend Haylie, we now have three high quality stills in our galleries. She is also going to record the show for us tonight, so I will have screencaps (and possibly clips) up for you shortly after! Alyssa Milano ?@Alyssa_Milano I’ll be on @TheChew today promoting tonight’s episode of #Mistresses!

Jun 2013
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Our girl continues to stay busy! She is set to appear on “The Chew” this monday. We will have coverege up for you early next week! Alyssa will be on @thechew on Monday, June 10.Follow hosts @mariobatali @chefsymon @clinton_kelly @carlahall @daphneoz — Official Alyssa News (@AlyssaDotCom) June 7, 2013

May 2013
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Alyssa is set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight! Make sure you tune in to catch her on the screen. We will try to get video clips and screen captures for you as soon as possible. Big day. I will be on @jimmykimmel Live tonight! — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) 22. mai 2013

Dec 2010
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Hello netters 😀 Aplogies for the lack of updates on here lately – working hard to fix that as we speak. Before I start adding some more content, new photos and screencaptures to the site, I’d like to alert you on some upcomming TV appearances Alyssa will make the next few days! These comes from Alyssa’s official site, so I am pretty sure they’re true 😉 So make sure you