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Gallery: Alyssa serving Christmas Lunch at the Los Angeles Mission!

As reported yesterday, our girl proved once more how amazing she is by serving Christmas Lunch on the 24th at the Los Angeles Mission in Los Angeles! More than 100 HQ photos of Alyssa have now been added to our galleries for your viewing pleasure. Alyssa looked absolutely stunning, and posed alongside fellow-hollywood favorite Jennifer Love Hewitt! Jennifer and Alyssa looked great togheter – I really admire all the work they do for people who truely need it.

December 24 – Serving Christmas Eve Lunch, LA Mission x106, 103 HQ

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(Photos from this event will be up later today/tommorow!)

Jennifer Love Hewitt proved she was full of Christmas spirit this year as she spent Christmas Eve at the Los Angeles Mission in Los Angeles today (December 24).

Dressed in her Santa hat and joined by her boyfriend Alex Beh, the 31-year-old looked festive and pretty as she ladled out soup and turkey.

The pair were all smiles as they spent the afternoon helping Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa serve food to families in need at the Mission event.

Other celebrity dogooders on hand to help feed the hungry? Stephanie Pratt, Brandy, Zachary Levi and the always gorgeous Alyssa Milano.

Meanwhile, it’s set to be a very romantic holiday season for J.Love as she prepares to spend Christmas with her actor/director beau.

The couple have been dating since the summer after the Ghost Whisperer actress broke up with her boyfriend of a year Jamie Kennedy in April.

Jennifer recently finished filming for a TV movie The Lost Valentine, which comes out next year.

New event: Alyssa at the launch of “Family Guy: It’s a Trap”!

On December 14, our darling Alyssa attented a new event! She graced the red carpet at the launch of “Family Guy: It’s a Trap” in Los Angeles, and 17 gorgeous high quality images have been added to our galleries for your viewing pleasure. As always, Alyssa looks absolutely breathtaking in a cute black and red dress. Hopefully we will have many more photos from this event soon – but enjoy these while waiting. It’s probably enough cuteness for today anyway hehe 🙂

December 14 – Launch Of Family Guy: It’s a Trap in Los Angeles x17UHQ

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Appearances catch up + photoshoot add!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans – I hope you’re all having an amazing start on December, a month which should be filled with joy and happiness! Today I have a gallery catch up for you lot. Last month, Alyssa attented two new events, and busy me was unable to add photos at the time. Nevertheless, you can now browse throug 60+ images in our galleries! To accompany the new event photos, I have also added an old photoshoot. However, while these new photoshoot images are being total awesome in their cuteness , they are unfortunately tagged. Still, enjoy the new images – they are awaiting your perusal!

November 4 – The 8th Annual ‘Acts of Love’ x5
November 30 – Extra at The Grove in LA x55
Session #088 x46

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A Drop In The Bucket Causecast Fundraiser

As we  reported in an article posted below our welcome post, Alyssa attented The Drop in the Bucket ‘Cause on the Rocks’ fundraiser presented by Causecast on October 19! Well, we now have some gorgeous images in our galleries for you! Our Alyssa even hosted the event, which was held at the Viceroy Santa Monica. For more information on the event, make sure you read the article by scrolling down!

Seeing as we still struggle with the space issues, I can only give you tiny medium quality images for now. But stay tuned for a lot of HQ adds, as well as tons of new photos! I have got more than 20 000 photos on my computer, which is waiting to be uploaded. Enjoy the new photos while you wait – Alyssa looks amazing!

–  October 19 – A Drop In The Bucket Causecast Fundraiser x11