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New gallery layout here at Alyssa Milano Online!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! I bet you’re all still reeling from Mandys post earlier today (Alyssa looked absolutely fantastic, huh?), but we have even more pretty-ness for you today. Our great friend Samantha has designed a beautiful new gallery theme for us, featurering one of our all-time favorite Alyssa photoshoots – and one of my favorite colors as well! I really hope you will all love it as much as we do – feel free to leave your comments on it, we would love to hear your opinions!

While here, I would also like to apology for the lack of updates from me here at Alyssa Milano Online lately. The whole “losing-heaps-of-stuff-due-to-server-crash” thingy really got to me, and I just needed a little break from the site before re-doing all the things I had done before the crash. I’m ready to begin again now though, and I will work a lot on the content this weekend! I hope all the coming updates will make up for the lack of updates from me here, as we have a lot of great stuff coming up for you all…

“New Years Eve” Los Angeles Premiere Photos

Hey Alyssa fans!! Our girl attended the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie New Years Eve last night, looking amazing in a little black dress, i’ve added over 40 beautiful MQ and HQ photos of her gracing the black carpet, and hopefully we will find more to add later! Also don’t forget to check out Lyssa and the other amazing cast in New Years Eve out in US cinemas on December 9th, enjoy! 😀

Melrose Place Season Five Screencaptures

Hi Lyssa Fans, i’ve added captures of Alyssa in Melrose Place season five, to the gallery, she is amazing in this, enjoy! 😀

Charmed Episode 1×18 To 1×22 Screencaptures

Hey Lyssa Fans, I have added captures of Charmed season one, episode eighteen to twenty-two, to the gallery, enjoy! 😀

Gallery updates: This ‘n’ That

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! Boy do I have a huge, jam-packed update for y’all today. 😀 Mandy and I have been working super hard on our galleries for some days now, and we’ve added thousends of new  images. The new ads contains everything from charmed captures to new-old photoshoots, movie screencaptures andso much more! Some of our special ads have already received their very own posts (scroll down to see ’em!), and I will try to sum up all the rest here (but I will most likely forget something, so head over to “latest uploads” and sart browsing through the pages to see everything!).

Keep coming back for more udpates – Mandy and I have a lot of plans for the site, and we are working super-hard to get it all done as soon as possible. Alyssa Milano Online turns  one year old on October the 3rd, so expect a lot of updates as we celebrate our very first year online!

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