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Charmed Episode 4×01, 02 & 03 Screencaptures

I have a great “Charmed” update for you today, captures from the 1st, 2nd & 3rd episodes of season four! This is one of my favourite seasons and Alyssa looks so beautiful in it, enjoy!

Episode Screencaptures > 4×01 – Charmed Again (1) x332
Episode Screencaptures > 4×02 – Charmed Again (2) x201
Episode Screencaptures > 4×03 – Hell Hath No Fury x295

Screencapture update: Take part – Food safety!

Second update up today! Some fans might remember the Take Part – “Food Safety” advertisement Alyssa made back in 2009. It’s an important cause – and Alyssa looks amazing while promoting it! Therefore I have now added 63 good quality screencaptures into our galleries. The video itself can be viewed here.

Commercials, Advertisments & More > Take Part – Food Safety Advert x63

15.JPG 09.JPG 33.JPG 52.JPG

Charmed episode 4×12 screencaptures!

Hello fellow Lyssa fans 😀 Today I have screencaptured the 12th episode of season 4 of “Charmed” for you lot! This is a very cute Phoebe episode, as she putts on their Grams’ ring and turnes into a 50s housewife/perky witch like Samantha on “Bewitched”. Alyssa is priceless in this, and Phoebe is hilarious – the best part of what might be one of the lesser good Charmed episodes. Enjoy the captures, and stay tuned here at Alyssa Milano Online for more!

Wanting to protect a ten-year-old orphaned boy who is a firestarter, Piper and Leo try to hunt down the demon before he can deliver the kid to the Source. Meanwhile, Cole officially proposes to Phoebe using her grandmother’s ring – only to discover that the ring is cursed and turns her into the perfect 1950s housewife.

Episode Screencaptures > 4×12 – Lost and Bound x674

picture006.jpg picture264.jpg picture410.jpg picture547.jpg

picture570.jpg picture630.jpg picture650.jpg picture691.jpg

Double Dragon Screencaptures, Promo & Still

I’ve have added a promotional photo, movie still and screencaptures for one of Alyssa’s earlier projects from 1994, Double Dragon, to the gallery! I have too say, the movie was awesome and of course Alyssa was amazing in the role of Marian Delario, if you can get your hands on a copy, I would definitely recommend it, total girl power, enjoy!! 😀

Movie Productions: Double Dragon Promotional Photos x1
Movie Productions: Double Dragon Movie Stills x1
Movie Productions: Double Dragon Screencaptures x426

New UNICEF Video + Screencaptures

As most Alyssa fans know,  Lyssa is an ambassador for UNICEF. She regulary travels the world for the organisation, visiting areas in need and those affected by devastation. She is a voice for those who otherwise may have no representation in society or on social media. Earlier this month, UNICEF released a new clip of Alyssa, in which she thanks visitors of their website for visiting, and encourages people to help. You can watch the video clip here, and captures in the galleries.

UNICEF – Promoting Video. x53 Screencaptures

picture002.jpg picture010.jpg picture019.jpg picture043.jpg