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Alyssa Milano Online launches Sparkling – the media archive!

Hello netters! Like mentioned in my previous post, we have a special section opening today 😀 At last, our Media section is up and running smoothly, and ready to be launched! There’s only about 15 videos uploaded so far ( adding more as I’m typing this though! ), but you can already find all Alyssa’s albums and songs under the “Audio” category. Head over, and start browsing!

If you have any videos or audios you’d like to donate to Alyssa Milano Online, please drop me an email at We’re always looking for new videos to share with the fans! We would also love to show off some fan videos over there, so if you’ve created one about Alyssa or any of her projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Alyssa Milano Online is now on tumblr!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! I’m just dropping by to let you all know that you can now find us on tumblr! On our tumblr profile, we will share our favorite Alyssa photos, quotes, animations, manipulations and so much more. Follow us for all the latest and greatest on our Lys!

Alyssa Milano Online launches the quotes archive!

Hello netters! First I would like to make an apology for the lack of updates here at Alyssa Milano Online. I’ve been very sick lately, and luckily everything has been very quiet in Alyssa land while I’ve been away.

Some of you might remember that we launched a quotes archive back in October last year, when we where celebrating Alyssa Milano Onlines first year online. If so, you’ll most likely also remember that we lost it the week after due to server issues. Luckily only parts of it where gone though – so we’re now re-launching it! This is only one of many updates to come – I also plan on re-doing our press archive, and finish up a new career archive. Stay tuned here at Alyssa Milano Online!


Introducing Alyssa Milano Online!

Hello, and welcome to Alyssa Milano Online! My name is Isabelle, and I am the webmiss of AMO. I have wanted to create a site for Lyssa for many years, and now I finally did! The aim with the site is to bring fans all the latest and greatest on one of my alltime favourite celebrities, as well as giving you bucketloads of goodies and in-depth information. We already have a information section which contains quite a lot of info, trivia and quotes – but I can assure you that this one will keep on growing! Same goes for our career page. Seing as Alyssa is pretty quiet these days, there will probably be lots of time to work on much more content for y’all! The site is far from done, but I really couldn’t resist opening it now.

Our galleries are currently holding 6 000+ photos of Alyssa. This count number is going to go way up, and probably quite quickly as well. Our amazing host only gives us a certain amount of space before the website is up and running smoothly, which means I didn’t have enough space to add all images yet (due to our many sections, most of which will be opening their doors in the following days). Nevertheless, it still contains more pretty-ness than you can ever imagine! So make sure you do check that one out. There are even a few rare and oldies hidden among all the not-so-exclusive but still drop-dead-gorgeous ones. Oh, and 99% of all the appearances photos are in awsomely high quality! 😉

Now I’ll let you start browsing the site! If you experience any broken links or weird looking pages, then please let me know and I’ll take a look at it. Comments and suggestions are “yay’s”, and truely appriciated! You can leave a comment on this post, use the form at our contact page, or send us an email to I will get back to you as soon as possible! We are also looking for many new affiliates in all categories, so head over to our affiliation page and apply if interested. I think that pretty much sums everything up – I hope you will enjoy the site, and make sure come back regulary for everything you could ever want for on Alyssa! 😀