Feb 2013
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Hello fellow Alyssa fans! I only have a tiny graphic update for you all today, but I’ll hope you’ll like it nonetheless! I was browsing our galleries, and came across this set of “Who’s the Boss” screencaptures, which suddenly inspired me to create some graphics. The result is 20+ brand new icons! I tried out a softer coloring this time, as all our previous WTB icons are quite bold. I’ve

Feb 2013
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Hello fellow Alyssa fans! It’s been a while since our last Charmed releated update, so I decided to make some icons for y’all! There’s a total of 100 new icons, mostly using screencaptures from season 1, 4, 5 and 8 of the TV series. I tried out a new coloring/style, and I hope you’ll like it! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, I would really love to

Jan 2013
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Hello fellow Alyssa fans! I’ve been super busy lately, hence the lack of updates here at Alyssa Milano Online. There’s not anything new on Alyssa at the moment unfortunately – but I will have a bunch of additional 2011-2013 event photos for y’all this weekend! For today though, a tiny multimedia update: Colorings! This new page will feature photos of Alyssa that we have edited/colored, for you to use as

Jan 2012
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Following my Charmed season 2 screencapture update two days ago, I have now added almost 30 new icons to our charmed archive using various of these screencaps. Enjoy the new graphic additions, and stay tuned for more updates soon. Also make sure you check out our previous post: a look back at Alyssa and Alyssa Milano Onlines 2011!  

Oct 2011
Gallery Update, Graphic Update, Screencaptures, Spin City, Who's the boss  •  By  •  0 Comments

Hello netters! Continuing on from Mandy’s awesome update yesterday, I have now added screencaptures from yet another 6 episodes of Who’s the boss – Episode 12 to episode 17! These are some of my favorites episodes of season 1, and there are some funny and utterly adorable caps of Lyssa in there. I have added short episode summaries to each album, so all you nostalgic Who’s the boss fans, head