Appearances catch up + photoshoot add!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans – I hope you’re all having an amazing start on December, a month which should be filled with joy and happiness! Today I have a gallery catch up for you lot. Last month, Alyssa attented two new events, and busy me was unable to add photos at the time. Nevertheless, you can now browse throug 60+ images in our galleries! To accompany the new event photos, I have also added an old photoshoot. However, while these new photoshoot images are being total awesome in their cuteness , they are unfortunately tagged. Still, enjoy the new images – they are awaiting your perusal!

November 4 – The 8th Annual ‘Acts of Love’ x5
November 30 – Extra at The Grove in LA x55
Session #088 x46

07.jpg 01.jpg 003.jpg 035.jpg