Upcomming Alyssa Appearances!

Hello netters 😀 Aplogies for the lack of updates on here lately – working hard to fix that as we speak. Before I start adding some more content, new photos and screencaptures to the site, I’d like to alert you on some upcomming TV appearances Alyssa will make the next few days! These comes from Alyssa’s official site, so I am pretty sure they’re true 😉 So make sure you tune in, to see Alyssa’s gorgeous face on your TV! If anyone would be able to tape any of her appearances for Alyssa Milano Online, we would really appriciate it.

Monday, Dec 6th:
Regis and Kelly

Monday, Dec 6th:
The Today Show
10:15 am

Sundays at Tiffany’s
Premieres Monday, December 6th
9:00 pm