Gallery additions + new icons!

First, I would like to apology for the lack of updates here at the main site. I haven’t been neglecting the site at all though, I’ve added tons of new images to our galleries. I’ve added various photoshoot additions, Dickie Roberts  Movie Screencaptures PETA’s `Let Vegetarianism Grow on You’ campaign photos, Sundays at Tiffany’s screencaptures  (one of my absolute favorite Lyssa films!) and so much more!  You can browse through all the new additions here. All the 11 first pages are brand new images, which means more than 1 000 new photos!

I have also updated our icon archives with some new appearances icons of our Alyssa. I’ve tried out some new colorings, and I hope you’ll all like them! I’m not really a fan of them myself, but I’ll try to make some better ones for you soon 🙂 Enjoy all the new updates fellow Lyssa fans, and come back soon for more!