Aug 8, 2011

Little Sister: Screencaptures and more!

After one night of voting, “Screencaptures from Alyssa’s movies” is taking the lead! Therefore, I have screencaptured an other Alyssa film for you all today. Up now is “Little Sister”, in which Lyssa starred as a girl named Diana. The film is from 1992, hence the bad quality, and is a pretty funny and cute film – definitely worth to watch! My DVD really messed up, so unfortunately we’re missing some of her scenes – but hey, some captures are better than none at all right? Enjoy the new caps, and stay tuned for more updates later. I will continue to follow the poll results (check post below this one)   so make sure you vote if there is something in particular you would like to see.

Bobby is a college freshman and as part of a fraternity prank, he poses as Roberta and becomes pledged into a sorority. There he falls madly in love with Diana. As the game escalates, Bobby finds it increasingly hard to keep his twin identities separate…