Gallery re-organized: Photoshoots now sorted by years!

Hello netters! Some of you might remember that I promised you ages ago that I would eventually sort our many Alyssa photoshoots by year. After spending an entire day working on it, it is now done! This means that the galleries are a lot easier to browse, and it will be much easier for you to easily find you favorite Alyssa shots. There has also been added many new additions – some of which are very rare. There are new treats in almost every category, so make sure you start browsing!

Over the next days, I will continue to work on the photoshoot and appearances section of the galleries. I will add many new additions, add much more information to the albums so that you can easily find out where the photos was taken, why, for which magazine etc. So keep an eye out for those updates! Now, start browsing our newely sorted photoshoot section 😀