Charmed update: Season 3 caps + graphics

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! We continue to remember and celebrate Charmed (and our pretty new layout!) with some Charmed releated updates! The coming days, we will have a lot of new charmed screencaptures, graphics, information, videos and more for y’all, and we’re kicking it off with more screencaptures from season 3. Well over 1000 new caps have been added to our galleries, from episode 15-17. These includes Piper & Leo’s wedding, which is one of my alltime favorite Charmed episodes!

We’ve also added a brand new page to our multimedia page called blinkies, where you can find Alyssa and Charmed releated texts to sprouse up your websites, tumblrs, blogs and more! A couple more Charmed icons have also found their way into our icon archives.

Stay tuned for bucketloads of more Charmed releated updates later this week! And like always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a certain request – we will always do our very best to furfill.