Oct 1, 2012

Charmed and Who’s the Boss Screencaptures

Hello netters! Today, I have a bit of a mixed update for you lot – screencaptures from both “Charmed” and “Who’s the boss“! First up, is screencaptures from two new episodes of Charmed, “Saving Private Leo” & “I Dream of Phoebe. The first mentioned is the next in line on the capping list, as it’s the 17th episode of season 4. The second one is a season 6 episode which I just really wanted to re-view, as it’s one of my absolute favorite Phoebe episodes – Alyssa is amazing as a genie! This one contains a lot of hilarious shots, which is definitly worth a look. I’ve also added captures from another “Who’s the boss” episode, entitled “Gotta Dance”. This was actually a very Sam-centric episode, so there’s quite a lot of captures in there!

We’ve also now reached 80 000 photos in our galleries – huzzah! We will celebrate this by adding even more photos the next couple of days! For now, enjoy the new screencaps, and stay tuned for more…