Alyssa on “The Chew” (screencaptures)!

As you all know, Alyssa appeared on “The Chew” yesterday! Thanks to my lovely friend Haylie, we now have 200+ screencaptures from her appearance in our galleries. I will also have video clips up for you all soon, but I’m having some troubles with our video archives right now. I hope to have it up tonight or tommorow though! Our american visitors can watch the clips online at ABC’s official site here. Enjoy the caps!

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  1. I got my bz name from your portrayal of a fortune teller, in Charmed, where Ms. Milano played the Amazing Phoebe! It has worked like a charm for my self-esteem, bz not so much,,,,,miss that show soooo much, it was always on after excercise! wishing Ms. Milano much luck with “the Mistresses”, looks hot!

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