Look In My Heart

Look in my heart was the very first album Alyssa released. She was only 16 years old at the time! The album’s release date was March 21, 1989. It was also released as a Picture Disc Edition and again as a 24 Krt Gold Edition. The 24Krt Gold Edition comes with a bonus track “Look In My Heart” (extended dance remix) which is the same as the version on The Best In The World album.  Three singles were released from the album – Look in my heart, What a feeling and Straight to the top. A VHS entitled “Look in my heart” was also released and it included videos of the three singles and a short documentary. This documentary showed Alyssa’s memories from behind the scenes of the album – and was therefore entitled “Alyssa’s backstage memories”. Alyssa also appeared in a Japanese commercial for pasta where she sung “Look in my heart”, and this was shown after the credits roll on the documentary. The album was produced by Joey Carbone, Katz Nagasawa, Fonny De Wulf by Pony Canyon Inc./Canyon International. The total album lenght is 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

  1. “Look In My Heart” (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) – 3:30
  2. “What A Feeling” (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) – 3:47
  3. “Da Doo Ron Ron/Magic In Your Eyes – Medley” (Jeff Barry, Phil Spector, Ellie Greenich/Joey Carbone, Tom Milano) – 4:32
  4. “You Lied To Me” (Joey Carbone, Tom Milano) – 3:50
  5. “Kimi Wa Sunshine Boy” (Brian Richy, Mark Davis) – 3:27
  6. “Born To Love” (Fonny De Wulf) – 3:11
  7. “Waiting For My Star” (Joey Carbone, Tom Milano, Mark Davis) – 4:52
  8. “Straight To The Top” (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) – 3:21
  9. “Look In My Heart” [Extended Dance Remix]* (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) – 6:07
    * bonus track on 24Krt Gold version only