We all know Alyssa is talented as few in front of the camera. But did you know she also had a talent behind it? In 1997, Alyssa got to show it off as an executive producer with her film “Below Utopia”, in which she also starred as Susanne in. She had previously helped producing some theathre plays, but this was her very first on screen production.

Plot: Daniel returns to his family’s mansion for the holidays along with his girlfriend Susanne. His family’s seemingly utopian existence is overshadowed by not only the death of Daniel’s brother, but also by Daniel’s failure to live up to his brother’s potential. However, this quickly becomes inconsequential, as blood-thirsty killers soon show up. As the family gets killed, Daniel flees with Susanne in the basement, hoping for survival.

In 2002, Alyssa and close friend Holly Marie Combs became producers for Charmed during the show’s fifth season. They had both starred as two of the main characters since the first season, Phoebe and Piper Halliwell. They stay’d as producers of the show untill the show ended after 8 seasons in 2006, covering 72 episodes.

Two years after finishing Charmed, Alyssa starred and produced in a TV film called “Wisegal”. The film centered around the character Patty Montanari, whom Alyssa played, the widowed mother of two who went to work for her lover Frank Russo, a captain in a Brooklyn crime family. The film got mixed reviews, mostly bad, but Alyssa got a lot of credit for her acting.

In 2010, Alyssa produced another film – this time a romantic comedy called “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”. Principal photography began in June 2009, in Salt Lake City, Utah, under the state’s rebate program, and wrapped in July. She produced the film along with starring in the lead role. The film had its world premiere April 24, 2010 to a sold out audience at the Newport Beach Film Festival in Newport Beach, California.

Jesse (Alyssa Milano, Charmed) is a sassy, intelligent woman who has yet to find “Mr. Right”—until she bumps into Ethan (Christopher Gorham, Ugly Betty, Harper’s Island), a writer pushed to the edge of despair after having another novel rejected by publishers. For Jesse, the encounter offers more than a chance to inspire the artist in Ethan again. It also opens a new, romantic chapter in her life… with one huge complication.

Moments after meeting the perfect guy for her, Jesse meets Mr. Perfect— Troy (Michael Landes, Possession), a confident and successful advertising executive who makes almost every moment elegant and romantic. Soon Jesse is in over her head and grappling with the ultimate romantic paradox: what does a girl do when she meets “Mr. Right”… after already meeting the right guy?

Ultimately, what Jesse discovers about love reflects what the audience discovers about the story itself: Things are not always what they seem. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is a classic love story turned upside down, a romantic comedy that blends a warm sincerity with fresh, stylized storytelling and some very big surprises.

Next up for Alyssa is a TV movie called Sundays at Tiffany’s. The film is set to air in December this year…

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