Breaking In

Character: Amy Osborn

Created by: Adam F. Goldberg, Seth Gordon

Directed by: Seth Gordon, Dean Holland

Written by: Seth Gordon, Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff

Produced by: Prentice Penny, Annette Sahakian Davis, Christian Slater

Cast Members: Bret Harrison, Odette Annable, Alphonso McAuley, Christian Slater, Megan Mullally

Released date: April 13, 2011

Episode(s) Number: 1x02, 2x09

Episode(s) Title: Tis Better to Have Loved and Flossed, Chasing Amy and Molly

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Duration: 22 min

A high-tech security firm takes extreme, and often questionable, measures to sell their protection services.

Script developed by Never Enough Design