Double Dragon

Character: Marian Delario

Directed by: James Yukich

Written by: Paul Dini, Neal Shusterman, Michael Davis

Produced by: Jane Hamsher, Don Murphy, Alan Schechter, Ash R. Shah, Sunil R. Shah

Cast Members: Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos, Scott Wolf

Released date: November 4, 1994

Genre: Action, Adventure

Duration: 1h 36min

Two brothers have half of a powerful ancient Chinese talisman. An evil gang leader has the other half, and determines to get the brothers' half and have a complete medallion so he can gain absolute power.

– Evil has just met its match.
– Feel the power… live the legend! It’s the ultimate kick.
– Power. Justice. Darkness. Light.
– Two halves of an ancient puzzle are the only hope.

Script developed by Never Enough Design