Embrace of the Vampire

Character: Charlotte

Directed by: Anne Goursaud

Written by: Halle Eaton, Nicole Coady, Rick Bitzelberger

Produced by: Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance

Cast Members: Martin Kemp, Rebecca Ferratti, Glori Gold, Shawna Ryan

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Duration: 1h 32min

An 18-year-old college freshman is seduced by a handsome vampire lover who introduces her to a dark world of carnal desires.

– The innocence is over.
– Between innocence and evil lies the seduction.

– Alyssa Milano’s first on-screen nude scene, though she had posed totally nude for magazines before making this film. She said the nude appearances taught her to begin requiring a nudity clause in her contracts giving her “full control” over all her nude scenes. In a 1995 interview, she explained her motivation for some explicit scenes in Embrace of the Vampire: “I’m not going to say that I was manipulated into doing things that I didn’t want to do. I did it because it was a woman director and I felt protected. And I learned a lot as far as knowing where the camera is and what coverage they need so that it’s not all explicit.”
– Alyssa Milano played an 18 year old but she was 22 at the time of filming.

Script developed by Never Enough Design