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Episode 1 - It Happened One Summer Part 1


After a three weeks Florida holiday, Tony & Sam get a warm welcome. When Angela gets a call to visit and probably bring home Jonathan from summer camp, the Micellis and Mona tag along. Exchanging memories with Angela, Tony teaches then they were in the same camp in the same year. They may even have sneakily kissed each-other at a specific rock, and check if teenage 'Antony' carved their names in it.

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Episode 2 - It Happened One Summer Part 2


On their way back from 'kissing rock', Tony and Angela 'Ingrid' strand in a shabby motel, in a single room. Boy-girl differences turn a happy shared memory in a matter of strife, but after the leaky ceiling ruins Angela's bed and Tony hurts his head trying to sleep on a chair, they settle. Back in Jonathan's camp, Mona and Sam draw him into the mischievous spirit, at Wormser's expense.

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Episode 3 - Ad Man Micelli


Tony already feels Samantha spends too little time with him and Jonathan since she entered junior high-school. So when he overhears Sam's lies to her birthday party to the silver spoon 'popular girls' that he's the advertising boss and Angela her ma, he orders her to come clean about his humble job. But hearing she's just about to be accepted as 'cheerleader material' by the rich brats, he decides to play along. So do Mona, and even Angela although that spooks her date Andrew. Yet a birthday present changes things.

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Episode 4 - The Heiress


Mona is tickled pink when she receives an $80,O00 legate from late millionaire Charles Brooke. But her plan to spend the money go out of the window after Tony shows her a newspaper picture. Angela is shattered when Tony recognizes the man on an old family photograph as former friendly neighbor Charlie Broomeier. Mona conforms she had an adulterous affair with him.

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Episode 5 - Tony the Matchmaker


Tony hopes to get sauna mate Wally to step out of his gloom over being divorced by his single love by arranging a date with Angela. The first date makes him transfer his monogamous fixation to Angela, but Mona's attention changes everything. Eventhough Angela at first didn't like Wally, she ended up changing her mind eventually - at the same time as Mona decided to hit on him as well.

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Episode 6 - Custody Part 1


Michael Bower, Angela's ex, turns up to invite their eager son Jonathan to be his best man at his California second wedding with young personal assistant, foxy Heather. Tony and Mona convince Angela the whole family should come along. They all have a blast at the free beach holiday. Tony even convinces Angela to accept attending the actual wedding. But the sting is in the tale's tale, when Michael announces he and his wife want custody of Jonathan.

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Episode 7 - Custody Part 2


As Michael's wedding approaches, Angela is heartbroken in case Michael gets half year custody of Jonathan, Tony encourages her to fight and Mona decides to play dirty. Alas tarantulas scare Heather no more then Jonathan, who enjoy throwing a stag party, which Tony manages to 'interprete' acceptably even by Angela's spoilsport standards. Angela no longer feels confident she can deny the boy his adored dad, but nature has a dirty surprise in store.

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Episode 8 - Hunk Of The Month


When Mona makes a calendar filled with hunky men among whom is Tony, Angela finds the whole thing disgusting. And when Tony starts getting propositions from his admirers, Angela thinks Tony should be ashamed of himself. That is until Angela meets one of the hunks who asks her out.

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Episode 9 - Thanksgiving at Mrs Rossini's


After a messy attempt to help Tony cook, Angelo accepts to join him, with the kids, accepting Mrs. Rossini's Thanksgiving invitation. She's put to women's work while foxy Gina is all over Tony, even ends up kissing him in the kitchen, which makes Angela jealous. Mona had an earlier parade appointment.

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Episode 10 - The Prodigal Father-in-Law


Sam finds out Tony kept from her that his father-in-law Nick Milano is in jail for multiple property crimes. Tony has a row with Nick, who is so popular amongst the cons that they testify at his parole hearing he's a good influence. Tony's family input should do the trick, yet parole is denied. Nick however escapes, hoping to reconcile with his granddaughter.

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Episode 11 - The Graduate


Mona has finally graduated from college. Tony throws a glee party for her and skilfully switches the camera to flirtatious Carla. Mona's professor Jake Emerson enlists her for a set-up test to prove shoe manufacturer Sid Hadley is among the many employers who discriminate against seniors. She tells the family only she's applying, so Tony convinces Angela she should pull strings with ex-client Hadley to get her hired. It works, alas, so now Mona is stuck with a job she didn't want and a failed test.

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Episode 12 - Tony the Nanny


Episode twelve, Tony the Nanny recap: Tony receives a visit from his cousin Ana, Samantha's aunt, who has come all the way from Italy in Europe to take part in an arranged marriage. Angela tries to stop this, feeling it is far too old-fashioned.

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Episode 13 - Junior Executive


Samantha has made the cheerleader team. To pay for the outfits required, she takes a job as Angela's assistant. When she realizes this means she is missing out on all the after school activities, she tries to get fired.

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Episode 14 - Educating Tony


Tony enrolls a course from Angela in which she teaches people how to make a successful commercial. Offended by Tony's commercial, in which women are degraded, they get into a fight.

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Episode 15 - Gotta Dance


Tony pushes Samantha to be a ballerina, but this has severe influence on her social life. Meanwhile, Angela takes up her practice on playing the cello, much to Mona's distress.

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Episode 16 - The Babysitter


When Angela has to attend a PTA meeting, Samantha is assigned to babysit on Jonathan. What promised to be a quiet night turns into a chaos when she receives a visit from Chad McCann, the most popular guy of school she has a crush on.

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Episode 17 - Jonathan Plays Cupid


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Episode 18 - When Worlds Collide


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Episode 19 - Losers and Other Strangers


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Episode 20 - Tony for President

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Episode 21 - Not With My Client You Don't

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Episode 22 - Angela's New Best Friend

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Episode 23 - There's No Business Like Shoe Business

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Episode 24 - The Unnatural

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Episode 25 - The Anniversary Show

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Episode 26 - Charmed Lives

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