Different Hairstyles
We have styled Alyssa with many different types of hairstyles and haircolors – check them out!
Dress Up Alyssa
Dress up Alyssa in your favorite outfit! Now YOU can choose what she should wear.
Fan Stories
Read stories from Alyssa fans, about how they became fans and more! Perhaps send in your own?
Favorite Hairstyle
We give you three different Alyssa hairstyles – Now you need to cast your vote for you favourite one!
Funny Faces
Alyssa have a lot of cute, quirky and funny face expressions. Head in here to see it for yourself!
Game #1: Puzzles
Tired or bored? Then site back, download some Alyssa puzzles and have some relaxed fun!
Game #2: Slot Machine
Spin the slots in our fun Slot Machine, featuring gorgeous photos of our Alyssa!
Game #3: Concentration
Tired or bored? Then site back, and play the funny concentration game with Lyssa photos!
Game #4: Tic Tac Toe
Play the addictive Tic Tac Toe, in which you play as the charmed ones against the source of all evil!
Game #5: Charmed Spirit Boards
Ask the Ouija board your questions – but be careful! (Note: music starts up when entering this page.)
Outfit Keeper
Have an absolute favourite outfit of Alyssa’s? Then head in here to “Claim” it before anyone else does!
Restyled images of Alyssa! Ever wondered how she would look with red hair? Blue eyes? Head in and see! Only for fun offcourse.
Do you have any similarties to Alyssa? Then head in here and let us know, while looking at other fans’s similarities…
Sims Dolls
Download your very own Alyssa/character sims dolls to use in the popular computer game!
Spell Alyssa
Spell Alyssa with an appropiate word on each of the letters in her name! It’s not as easy as it might seem….
Why Do You Like Alyssa?
Because of her acting skills? Her cute voice? Her gorgeous look? Or because of the way she uses her fame for the greater good? We want to hear YOUR reasons!

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