Dress Up Alyssa
Dress up Alyssa in your favorite outfit! Now YOU can choose what she should wear.

Funny Faces
Alyssa have a lot of cute, quirky and funny face expressions. Head in here to see it for yourself!

Game #1: Puzzles
Tired or bored? Then site back, download some Alyssa puzzles and have some relaxed fun!

Game #2: Slot Machine
Spin the slots in our fun Slot Machine, featuring gorgeous photos of our Alyssa!

Game #3: Concentration
Tired or bored? Then site back, and play the funny concentration game with Lyssa photos!

Game #4: Tic Tac Toe
Play the addictive Tic Tac Toe, in which you play as the charmed ones against the source of all evil!

Game #5: Charmed Spirit Boards
Ask the Ouija board your questions – but be careful!

Sims Dolls
Download your very own Alyssa/character sims dolls to use in the popular computer game!

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