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November 19 2010  1 
Content update: Icons

As promised, I have another update for you! This one is tiny, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nevertheless :) I have updated our iconarchives with some new photoshoot icons of Alyssa, which I hope you will like! The iconarchive will be huge eventually, and I will try to update it atleast twice a week. If you have some Lyssa icons you would like us to show there, then drop me a line! You would offcourse get credit. To view the new adds, or any of our older icons, simply click the previews below. Check them out, and perhaps pretty up your forum or msn icon with some Alyssa sparks?!


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November 19 2010  1 
Article: Alyssa Milano to debut Pens-themed women’s clothing line

Actress Alyssa Milano is going to introduce her new Penguins-themed women’s clothing line Friday night at Consol Energy Center when the team takes on the Carolina Hurricanes. She will take part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Penguins CEO David Morehouse.

The new clothing designed for female Penguins fans is part of the “Touch by Alyssa Milano” women’s fashion collection. The special store inside the arena will be known as the “PensGear Store Powered by G-III Sports.”

Milano will be at the Steelers Sideline Store at South Hills Village from 1 to 2 p.m. Saturday.


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November 19 2010  1 
New Co-Web

Hey’all, i’m Mandy, the new co-web! I’ve have been a massive fan of Alyssa for many years now, ever since Charmed started back in 1998! I would like to thank Isabelle for letting me help out, i’m working on some updates to bring you, so keep and eye out for them. :)

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November 19 2010  1 
Charmed Screencaptures: Episode 2×19 – Ex Libris

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! First I’d like to make a quick apology for the lack of updates here since the opening. I have been sick for a while, as well as very busy with some of my other sites :) However, I am back again now with a new gallery update! This time I’ve screencapted Alyssa as Phoebe Halliwell for you, from season 2’s 19th episode named “Ex Libris”. The episode was pretty Phoebe centered, which means loads of captures – Enjoy! And make sure you come back to Alyssa Milano Online a bit later today for more updates.

While studying for her finals in the library, Phoebe meets Charlene, who is researching about demons for her thesis. When Charlene opens an encyclopedia about demons, she is decapitated by Libris. Later, Charlene’s ghost contacts Phoebe and the Halliwell sisters decide to help her to vanquish Libris and move on. Meanwhile, Prue sees a man, Cleavant Wilson, every day on the bench of a bus stop trying to find a witness to testify against the killer of his daughter Tyra and she decides to help him to move on in his life. Dan discloses that Leo was married, making Piper upset.

“Ex Libris” deals with moving on in life and death, and relationships between fathers and daughters. In the ghost story, Charlene wishes to prove her father how capable she is; Cleavant Wilson wants to show her daughter how much he loved her; and Piper expects that Phoebe and Prue sign a birthday card for their father. In the end, most of the situations are resolved except the wounds between Prue and her father.

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November 07 2010  1 
Huge gallery update pt.2 – TV series

And the gallery updates continue! Continuing on from our previous update, I have now started to fill the television series category in our galleries. Lots of new images have been added, from projects like “Charmed”, “Who’s the boss” and “My name is Earl”. These includes bucketloads of gloriously clear HQ promotional photoshoots, episodes stills and more! The new update contains of more than 7 000 new photos, many of which are quite rare and exclusive. We have now reached well over 15 000 photos! I told y’ah they image count would grown quickly, didn’t I? ;)

Home > Television series x 7 096 new files

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November 05 2010  2 
Huge gallery update – Movie productions

Our space issue is now fixed, and I have started to upload lots of new photos into our galleries for you lot! I decided to begin with the Movies section, before I move on to the Television series – but I might upload a bit here and there until our galleries are complete.  Anyway, almost 2 000 screencaptures, stills, covers and more from Alyssa’s movies have now found their way into our galleries! This section is still far from complete, but I will get there eventually ;) Seeing as there have been a lot of updates, and they can all be found in the same category, I will not post single links for you for each album. But if you head over to the Movies section of the gallery and start browsing, you’ll easily be able to view all the photos! Below you’ll be able to see some previews for some of the albums. Enjoy all the greatness, and come back to Alyssa Milano Online soon for more!

Movie Productions: Stills, Screencaptures, Covers and more x 1993 new files

EDIT: 11 More photos from “Single With Parents” have now been added!

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November 03 2010  1 
A Drop In The Bucket Causecast Fundraiser

As we  reported in an article posted below our welcome post, Alyssa attented The Drop in the Bucket ‘Cause on the Rocks’ fundraiser presented by Causecast on October 19! Well, we now have some gorgeous images in our galleries for you! Our Alyssa even hosted the event, which was held at the Viceroy Santa Monica. For more information on the event, make sure you read the article by scrolling down!

Seeing as we still struggle with the space issues, I can only give you tiny medium quality images for now. But stay tuned for a lot of HQ adds, as well as tons of new photos! I have got more than 20 000 photos on my computer, which is waiting to be uploaded. Enjoy the new photos while you wait – Alyssa looks amazing!

–  October 19 – A Drop In The Bucket Causecast Fundraiser x11

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