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More WTB caps and icons + Spin City screencaptures!

Hello netters! Continuing on from Mandy’s awesome update yesterday, I have now added screencaptures from yet another 6 episodes of Who’s the boss – Episode 12 to episode 17! These are some of my favorites episodes of season 1, and there are some funny and utterly adorable caps of Lyssa in there. I have added short episode summaries to each album, so all you nostalgic Who’s the boss fans, head over to our “Who’s the boss” gallery section for a blast to the past! I have also added 39 new icons to our WTB icon section using captures from these episodes. Previews can be found at the bottom of this post, simply click them to see all the new icons!

Along with the WTB updated, I have also captured the two episodes of “Spin City” which Alyssa has appeared in. These can be found in our galleries here. 5 icons have also been made using these captures, and those can be found here. Enjoy all the new updates, and come back later/tommorow for more!



Graphic update: even more icons!

I promised in my previous post that I would be having another “Who’s the boss” releated update for you today… And here it comes! I have added 20+ new icons from the series, along with some new icons from two episodes Alyssa guest roled in during the 90’s, which I added captures from earlier today. I used some of the same colorings which I used on the “Charmed” icons earlier this week, and I hope you’ll like them!

Who’s the boss 1×09-1×11 screencaptures!

And the galore of updates continues! I have added even more screencaptures from Alyssa’s breakthrough role as Samantha in the sitcom “Who’s the boss” for you today. These includes one of my favorite Sam episodes – “Samantha’s Growing Up“! This was a very Samantha-centric episode, which means a lot of pretty caps for you.  Now, enjoy the screencaps, and come back a little later for more treats. I am sure all you nostalgic “Who’s the boss” fans are going to love my next updated as well… 😉