“Mistresses” Promotional shoot #2 and old event additions!

Hello netters – and happy new year!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start on the new year. I, unfortunately, started it with a broken computer – hence the lack of updates here lately. I hope to be able to buy a new one sometime soon, but for now, I’m only able to update whenever I get to borrow a computer from a friend!

A while back, we tweeted that Alyssa and her “Mistresses” co-stars where doing their second promotional photoshoot for the TV series. We’ve finally been able to find one photo, which I’ve now added to our galleries for y’all to enjoy. Alyssa looks as fantastic as ever, and I’ll be on the lookout for additional photos the coming weeks!

I also came across a new-old event Alyssa attented back in 2006, The 132nd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. 4 photos have been added to the galleries, all in which Alyssa looks absolutely stunning! Enjoy the new photo additions…

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Chaz Dean’s Holiday Party Benefitting the Love is Louder

Hello netters! Last night, our girl attented the “Chaz Dean’s Holiday Party Benefitting the Love is Louder” event, looking absolutely gorgeous. She wore a beautiful floral dress, matched with black leggings, jacket and shoes! Really love this look on her – she looks fantastic! Kudos to my good friend Claudia, we have 17 high quality photos from the event in our galleries. Enjoy!

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Rare HQ’s: Film/TV promotionals and Talk Show appearances

Continuing on from yesterday’s rare HQ photo updates, I have now filled our galleries with even more pretty treats! Up today are some utterly adorable promotional photos from one of Alyssa’s earlier films, “Dance ’til dawn” (which will forever be a personal favorite of mine!) as well as the TV series “My Name is Earl“. I’ve also added a bunch of new additions to an old photoshoot + added photos from a few of Alyssa’s talk show appearances throughout the years! Enjoy these new additions, and stay tuned for more…

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Gallery update #3: Lots of high quality event additions!

Continuing the galore of updates here at Alyssa Milano Online today, I’ve now added over 200 gorgeous HQ event photos of our girl through the years! I came across these just after my update earlier today, and there’s now lots of additional photos in the albums I created for you then. There’s so many albums and photos to be browsed, so I’ll keep it short – enjoy!

Please note: Most of these are very rare, and exclusive to Alyssa Milano Online. Please do not re-post them anywhere else without our permission – rather just guide fellow fans to our site, and they can enjoy them right here!

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Various 1983-1991 event additions!

I’ll kick off the update-galore here at Alyssa Milano Online today with an update I’ve been eager to share with you for a while now! It’s only a tiny one, but still pretty amazing. I’ve managed to come across a couple of stunning – and pretty rare – old event photos of Alyssa, dating from 1983 to 1991! She’s super cute in the earliest photos, and absolutely stunning in the latter ones.

I must ask that these photos don’t get re-posted anywhere else – please just point fellow fans to our site insteed, and they can enjoy them right here! Enjoy this little update, and stay tuned for heaps more as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary…

Various gallery additions!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! News are still slow in Alyssa-land, so I’ve updated our galleries with some old(er) photos for y’all. These includes some photos from Alyssa’s instagram page (including an ADORABLE photo of Lys and Milo from halloween, which can be seen here), various 2012 “Touch” photoshoots and an event she attented this summer.

Tommorow, Alyssa Milano Online celebrates two years online! Make sure you check back in then, as we would love to celebrate it with all of you. We’ll have a bunch of updates for you lot, including more Charmed screencaptures, content, and possibly a brand new section. Stay tuned!

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Photos of Alyssa at Pre-Emmy events!

On the 21st of September, Alyssa attented two Primetime Emmy Awards pre-events : a party and a dinner! I’ve had troubles finding photos from the two events, but I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a few. They’re mostly twitter photos or medium quality ones, but still worth a look – Alyssa looks breathtaking! I’m in love with both the dresses she wore, she really looks amazing in gold. I’ll continue to search for photos of our girl at the events – if you have some that you would like to contribute, please let us know! Both us here at Alyssa Milano Online + all our visitors would be very grateful. Enjoy the new photos!

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