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New owner, new layout, new photos (2013 – 2016 photoshoots)

Good evening Alyssa fans! My name is Ann, and I’m the new owner of this site. Thank you so much to Kayla for letting me adopt it; I will do my best to take good care of the site. I have put up a new layout at both the main site and photo gallery, which I hope you’ll all like. The gallery has also been updated with all the missing photoshoots of Alyssa I could find. I will update the appearances section next!

We have a brand new layout!

Hello Alyssa fans! As you can probably tell, we’re sporting a brand new look here at Alyssa Milano Online today. This beautiful, fairy look is designed by my amazingly talented friend Nicole, and I’m completely in love with it! We’ve had quite a lot of looks here at the site lately – but when Nicole began to accept orders, I just couldn’t resist putting in an order for the site! This is my absolute favorite look of ours, so it’ll definitly stay up for a while. A few pages are still in the need of some tweaking (sidebar as well), but everything should be working properly soon.

I will also begin our next “spotlight project” page tommorow – so if you have a request for which film you would like to see featured + get more information on, don’t hesitate to comment with your suggestion!

I really hope you will all like the new look as much as I do. Feel free to comment with your thoughts – I would absolutely love to hear your opinions! If you come across any errors anywhere, please let me know. Enjoy, and stay tuned for a bunch of updates here at Alyssa Milano Online, as we celebrate our new look + the site birthday which is coming up (November 3)!

Welcome to v.7 of Alyssa Milano Online!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans – and welcome to the seventh version of Alyssa Milano Online! Surprise! As you all know, our girl is turning 40 years this December. We decided that we want to begin the celebration now, by putting the site focus on her long, and amazing career! We’ve therefore got a stunning new layout designed by my good friend Kimberly, which shows of some of Alyssa’s many film and TV roles through the years – from her first full film “Commando“, to the long running series “Who’s the Boss” and all the way to one of her most recent films, “Wisegal”. And we’ve of course included our all-time favorite, “Charmed“. 😉

The new layout is not the only new thing to celebrate Alyssa and her career though. We’ve also added a “Spotlight project” to the sidebar, which will put spotlight on each of Alyssa’s films, one by one! We will do our best to change this every week, and a complete and indepth information page will be added on each project. First up is one of my absolute favorites, “To Brave Alaska” – check out our sidebar for more information.

I hope you’ll all love our new layout as much as I do, and please leave a commen with your thoughts! We would absolutely love to hear your opinions on it. All our main pages have been updated to match our pretty new look, but I still need to fix up the sub-pages. You might notice that we’ve got some new pages up as well – Library  & Style. These are currently a work-in-progress, but I hope to have them up and complete for you within the next week or so. Enjoy the new layout, and come back a little later today for another not-so-secret section opening!

New gallery layouts at Alyssa Milano Online!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! Kudos to my super-talented friend Kimberly, we have now got a sparkling new theme over at our galleries. Like the main site, it’s in complete Charmed style! It also matches the main site colors and style, and I hope you will all love it as much as we do. Not only does it feature Charmed bits though – it also contains stills/promos from some of our other favorite Alyssa projects. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Stay tuned here at Alyssa Milano Online for screencaptures from the remaining episodes of Charmed season 3. We will also have some stunning bluray captures of Alyssa in “New Years Eve” up really soon…

Alyssa Milano Online launches version 6!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans – noticing something new?! We’re today sporting a brand new layout, made for us by the extremely talented Mycah. We wanted a Charmed releated theme this time, to celebrate the series that was a big part of getting Alyssa to where she is today. And that’s what we got! The header features a promotional photo Alyssa did for the season 5 finale “Oh my Godess“, and we’ve also sprouced up our sidebar with various charmed-releated goodies! We have also now added a brand new MP3 player, so that you can listen to some of Alyssas old songs whilst browsing our pages and archives (more songs are still being added!).

Enjoy the new theme, and please leave a comment with your thoughts! We would love to hear your opinions on the theme, or the site in general. Also, stay tuned for a lot of “charmed” releated updates this weekend, to celebrate our new pretty layout!