Category: New Layout

Jun 6, 2011

Welcome to version #03 of Alyssa Milano Online!

Hello netters :) As you can all probably tell, Alyssa Milano Online has a brand new look! This new layout is designed by the talented Mycah, and I think it fits our site perfectly. The photos are some of my alltime favorites of Lyssa’s, and I love the colors used. I really hope you will all like it as much as I do! Not only does this stunning new layout pretty up our main page – you will be able to view it in our galleries as well.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on our new look  – just simply leave a comment on this post. I am not completely done customizing the sidebar yet, but I really wanted to share the new theme with you all today. All the finishing touches will be done over the next few days!

On some other site-releated “news”: I’ve fallen quite behind on Alyssa news and photos. I truely apology for being such an awful webmiss over the last past weeks *shameonme* – but I promise that it will not continue for much longer. My school vacation starts in two weeks, and I have a lot of updates planned for you then. I don’t want to spoil it all now, but I can say as much as that it includes some rare photos, lots of content updates and possibly – a new section ;)

Jan 22, 2011

Welcome to v.2 of Alyssa Milano Online!

Hello netters, and welcome to the brand new version of Alyssa Milano Online! Our new theme is designed by the talented Eny, and I absolutely adore it. I hope you will to! The theme is not 100% finished customize, as I still have a couple of things to edit/add to our sidebar etc. Comments on our new theme is truely appriciated – I would love to hear your opinions on it! If you experience any missing links, error pages or anything else wrong then please do let me know.

Enjoy our new theme, and come back soon for more updates. Screencaptures from Alyssa’s second episode of “Romatically Challenged” is being uploaded as we speak, and I am working on an other graphic update as well.