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Sep 30, 2012

Charmed season 4 screencaptures!

Hello netters! As promised in my previous post, I have some Charmed screencaptures for you lot today. I picked up where I quit earlier this year, and continued capping the fourth season of the show (season 1-3 screencaptures are already up in our galleries!). Up today is 4×11 + 4×13-4×16! I’ve unfortunately lost the DVD containing “Lost and Bound” (4×12), but a friend of me will cap it for us, so we should have those up in our gallery very soon as well. These episodes are quite Phoebe centric, as they mostly revolves around Phoebe and Cole, their wedding, and Cole being taken over by the source. Lots of hilarious Phoebe shots in there, especially from “Merry-go-round“, where everything seems to wrong leading up to their wedding…

I’ll continue capping more Charmed episodes this coming week, so keep checking back for more! I also have a bunch of “Who’s The Boss” episodes just waiting to be screencapped, which will be done the next couple of days as well.

Sep 29, 2012

Gallery update: Charmed set, events and shoots!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans – missed me? I’d like to start by apologizing for the lack of updates here at Alyssa Milano Online the few weeks/months. Alyssa has been very quiet lately, and I’ve unfortunately struggled with motivation for the site. But fear not – I have a really great update for y’all today, and even more coming!

Over the last few days, I’ve been collecting various photos of Alyssa and her co-stars on the set of Charmed. These includes behind the scenes looks, photos taken by the cast themselves, a look at the styling and more! These made me feel extremely nostalgic – and in a very “Charmed” mood, so expect new screencaptures from the TV series in a couple of hours! I’ve also caught up on ball games Alyssa has attented since May, and added additional images/replacements in HQ from various 2012 events. A ton of old miscellanous photoshoots has been added as well!

Enjoy this huge gallery update – we’ve reached 77 000 photos now! – and stay tuned for lots more the next days, as I’ll work hard to make up for being the terrible webmiss I’ve been the last few weeks. ;)

Apr 7, 2012

More “Charmed” season 3 & 4 screencaptures

Hello netters! Like I promised earlier today, I have more Charmed screencaptures for y’all. Up today is captures from episode 3×18-3×20 and 4×04. There’s almost 2 000 caps in total, and there are some hilarious shots in there! I particular like the 3×18 caps, in which Phoebe and the others got hit with each their sin. Pheebs was hit with “lust” – and Alyssa did an amazing job portraying it! Enjoy the screencaps, and come back tommorow for the last two sets of our exclusive photoshoot…

Apr 3, 2012

Charmed update: Season 3 caps

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! We continue to remember and celebrate Charmed (and our pretty new layout!) with some Charmed releated updates! The coming days, we will have a lot of new charmed screencaptures, graphics, information, videos and more for y’all, and we’re kicking it off with more screencaptures from season 3. Well over 1000 new caps have been added to our galleries, from episode 15-17. These includes Piper & Leo’s wedding, which is one of my alltime favorite Charmed episodes! Stay tuned for bucketloads of more Charmed releated updates later this week!


Jan 22, 2012

Charmed season 3: Episode 1-14 screencaptures added!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans! As promised, I have now began screencapping the third season of Charmed. While the past-Prue seasons have always been my favorite, I really love this season! Alyssa takes on a lot different personalities in it, as Phoebe got spelled to believe she was a kid again, turned evil, traveled to the past where she became the “sterotype witch” and had some real heartbreaking scenes here and there. These episodes also covers the higlights of Cole and Phoebes early relationship, which makes it superb in my opinion!

My favorite episode of these has got to be 3×03 – Once upon a time. This is an amazing episode in so many ways – for a starter, Phoebe and Prue are hilarious when they get spelled to believe they’re kids again. It also includes the popular – and heartbreaking – scene where Piper cries to the elders, demanding to get Leo back. The album for this episode has some extremely funny caps of Phoebe and Prue! All Halliwells Eve and Sleuthing With the Enemy are also well worth a mention.

Enjoy this mega Charmed update, and stay tuned here at Alyssa Milano Online for many more updates this coming week. I plan to finally re-begin our career archive, which we lost huge parts of during the server crash a few months back. I have quite a lot of ideas for it, and I think you’re all going to like them! :D

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Dec 30, 2011

Charmed season 2 screencaptures added!

As promised last week, I have now added screencaptures from all the remaining episodes of “Charmed”‘s second season to our galleries! Almost 10 000 screencaptures from this season have found their way into our galleries for your viewing pleasure. Alyssa looked absolutely stunning as Phoebe Halliwell in this season, and there are bucketloads of stunning shots in there. I especially love her costume in “Pardon my Past“! Season 3 captures are already in the making, and I hope to get those added within the next few days as well…

Incase I don’t get the change to drop by tommorow, Happy New year dear visitors! I hope you’re all going to have a wonderful day tommorow, and I wish you all the very best for the coming year. This is probably our last update in 2011, and I hope you’ll all enjoy it! Mandy and I can’t wait to continue serving you all the latest and greatest on Alyssa in 2012, and we hope you’re looking forward to it as well. I’ve considered making an “Alyssa and Alyssa Milano Online’s 2011″ review-post/page, with a summary on all the biggest Alyssa events and news, as well as the sites (and perhaps some fun stuff, like favorite outfit etc.), inspired by our elite affiliate Teri Hatcher Web.  Would anyone be interested in a page/post like this? If so, give us a shout – we would love to make one!

Now, head over to our galleries and start browsing – there’s definitely hours of viewing in there – and keep checking back for more updates the coming days. And as always, don’t hesitate to leave a request if there’s something in particular you would like to see being added here at Alyssa Milano Online!

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Dec 7, 2011

Charmed screencaptures: Episode 5×04 and an interview!

Hello netters! Hope you’re all enjoying our pretty new gallery layout, and the stunning new photos of Alyssa! Today, I have some brand new “Charmed” screencaptures from you. These are from the fourth episode of season 5, entitled “Sirens Song“, as well as a “Remembering Charmed” interview Alyssa did a few years back. Enjoy the new screencaptures, and stay tuned for more updates!