Here it goes! None of the staff members here at Alyssa Milano Online have got any contact with Alyssa herself, her family or anyone releated to her. Nor do we know anyone that have. Emails sent to us will not be seen by Alyssa herself, so there is no reasons to ask us questions made for her. We are simply a friendly fansite which is here to bring fans something to enjoy – note the fan part of fansite. Our site is in no way “Official”. 

While we do not claim the ownership of any of the photos in our galleries or videos in the video archive, we do own the following: The content, the graphics, the layouts and all the other stuff that you are not able to find anywhere exept from here. And we appriciate that you do not repost any of these things without a clear link back, and a permission from us. If you want to use anything at your site then just drop us a line – You’ll discover that we are very nice, and that we will most likely give you permission.

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