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Name: Luminous
Period: October 2010 – February 2011
Created by: Marcia
Vote: N/A – Only voting my own designs
Comments: One of my all time favourite images of Alyssa was made for this theme. Marcia also used some of my favourite colors, and I love the atmosphere of the header! It was put up during the spring here in Norway, and it was absolutely perfect for the season. This theme was used at our site opening, and I think it helped giving Alyssa Milano Online a great start on what will hopefully be a great time.



Name: Glistering Glamour
Period: February 2011 – May 2011
Created by: Enyel
Vote: N/A – Only voting my own designs
Comments: After many months with our previous theme, I decided it was about time for a little change at Alyssa Milano Online! My friend Enyel came up with this animated design for us, and I absolutely loved it. The photos used where some of my alltime favorite Alyssa photos, and the colors where to die for! I never wanted to take it down, but I got complains from Internet Explorer users that the navigation didn’t really work, and that the site loaded too slow, so I ended up taking it down eventually.


Name: Earthy Endeavour
Period: May 2011 – August 2011
Created by: Mycah
Vote: N/A – Only voting my own designs
Comments: This utterly piece, which prettied up not only our main site, but galleries as well, was designed by the ever awesome Mycah. It featured the same photo as our first theme – but the photo is just too stunning! I never wanted to take it down, and had actually planned on keeping it up for a very long time. But I wanted some changes after the summer of 2011, and I wanted to try to design something myself for the site. However, this layout might very well come back one time in the future, as everyone seemed to love it.


Name: Vanity
Period: August 2011 – October 2011
Created by: Isabelle
Vote: Uhm.. I really loved it at first, but now I can’t stand it. So 4/10?
Comments: I was playing around in photoshop, making wallpapers for the site. And this was created! I really love the pictures used, and I liked the effects around them. My good friend Luciana allowed me to use her theme base, so I was actually just playing around for fun – but eventually decided I was going to use it as a main layout here at Alyssa Milano Online! It got some pretty good feedback, and I liked how unique it was, but eventually I got very sick of all the red.


Name: Anniversary!
Period: October 2011 – March 2012
Created by: Nicole
Vote: N/A – Only voting my own designs
Comments: Four our anniversary, Mandy and I decided we wanted a new layout to celebrate! A good friend of me Nicole was put on the job, and she created this stunning blue layout for us. Our friend Steph coded it for us, and it was ready to be launched in time for our “birthday” in October! Both us and the visitors absolutely loved it, so it stayed up quite long. Still remains one of my absolute favorites!


Name: Oh My Godess
Period: March 2012 – July 2012
Created by: Mycah – again!
Vote: N/A – Only voting my own designs
Comments: For our sixth version, we wanted a CHARMED theme! We knew many of our visitors where strongly missing the series – which we did too! -, so we decided it would be perfect to have a remembering Charmed theme. Mycah created this super unique and stunning layout for us, and we fixed up the sidebar to contain all kinds of Charmed goodies! We where very pleased with the outcome, and so was our visitors.

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