Oct 28, 2021

Alyssa Milano Signs First-Look Deal With A+E Studios

Alyssa Milano has signed a a first-look production and writing deal with A+E Studios, president Barry Jossen said Thursday.

The actor, producer, host, activist, entrepreneur, humanitarian and New York Times best-selling author will write and produce projects for A+E Studios for sale on all global and domestic television platforms and services.

A+E Studios had acquired Milano’s pilot script “Things I’m Seeing Without You,” which she adapted based on the young adult novel by Peter Bognanni. “Things” tells the story of a teenage girl reconnecting with her estranged father following the death of her boyfriend.

“I am thrilled to be entering into this partnership with A+E Studios,” Milano said. “Having told stories as an actor and producer, it’s incredibly fulfilling to now expand my passion for writing as well as have a home for projects I am lucky enough to produce. A+E Studios has already been a wonderful partner and I’m excited for all that’s to come.”

“Alyssa Milano is a creative force-of-nature,” Jossen said. “She has already achieved so much in her life as a performer, activist, author, podcaster and more. Alyssa’s tireless energy and brilliant creative instincts are certain to bolster her current and emerging career as a top producer in television. She is also an inspired writer, having written her first script based on ‘Things I am Seeing Without You.’ Tana Jamieson and I, along with Kiel Elliot and Tom Lerner—Alyssa’s creative team at A+E Studios—are very excited to begin our work together in bringing Alyssa’s vision to the screen. We know she will be a huge success, and we are happy to be a part of it.”
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Oct 27, 2021

The Talk, OutFront CNN, & Entertainment Tonight HD Captures

I’ve added HD screencaptures of Alyssa of her appearances on The Talk, OutFront CNN, & Entertainment Tonight.

Oct 27, 2021

Today – Alyssa talks her new book, Sorry Not Sorry

Alyssa appeared on the Today show this morning to promote her new book, Sorry Not Sorry. You can watch the clip above. I also added screencaptures from the interview.

Oct 26, 2021

Welcome back to Alyssa Milano Online

Hello and welcome back to Alyssa Milano Online! I know this site has had a lot of moves lately, but now it is here to stay. Thanks so much to Holly for taking care of the site and trusting it back to me. I also want to thank Megan for this gorgeous header. The beautiful themes are by Sin21 and customized by me. I have lots of huge updates coming. I am working on rebuilding the gallery. I know we lost a bunch in all of the moves, but I will do my best to find everything again and make an even better HQ resource for Alyssa. First, I have added all of Alyssa’s most recent appearances. Her book, Sorry Not Sorry was released today. You can buy your copy online or at your local bookstore.

Jul 27, 2021

‘Who’s the Boss?’ Season 2 Screencaps

Captures from season 2 of Who’s The Boss are now in the gallery. enjoy!

0004.jpg 0071.jpg 0078.jpg 0028.jpg

Gallery Link:

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Jul 21, 2021

‘Who’s The Boss?’ Season 1 Screencaps

Captures of Alyssa from the first season of Who’s The Boss are now added to the gallery. Please note that these are in no way HD caps but should they ever become available, I will upgrade when i can.

0005.jpg 0004.jpg 0026.jpg 0072.jpg

Gallery Link:

  • Television Productions > Who’s The Boss > Season 1 > Captures
Jul 15, 2021

‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Screencaps

Season 2 captures of Alyssa from Mistresses are now up in the gallery!

0058.jpg 0034.jpg 0029.jpg 0127.jpg

Gallery Link:

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